12-31-2011 Pinned!

12-31-2011 (1)

I’ve never competed in organized team sports.
Title IX came too late for me,
and I moved.
A lot.

But I’ve sat in the bleachers and watched my children,
and now my grandchildren compete.

Sometimes they win, but sometimes they lose.

And they always learn something.

Today’s post brings to an end our second 365 Project
and my first solo attempt.

This is how competing must feel.

Some days I felt like I hit a “home run”,
and on others, it was a struggle.

I didn’t miss a day, though,
and I learned a lot.

As I dug out Christmas bins,
I found a dusty box in a corner of the attic.
Inside was this little paper sculpture.

It was my first assignment in an undergrad art course that challenged us to make a three-dimensional paper sculpture of the Parthenon and use it as a canvas to represent something in our life.

At that time my husband was coaching high school wrestling and two of my sons were on the team.

It was a big part of our lives.
That must be why I couldn’t part with it at that time.

So today, with this post, this little sculpture gets one more breath of life.

I hope it conveys the sense of accomplishment I feel as I bring this year to a close,

and the gratitude to those who have followed my posts, commented, and have encouraged me to continue.

12-31-2011 (2)

Your participation as “spectators” has meant as much as the cheers of the crowd when the hand is slapped on the mat and the referee proclaims, “Pinned!”

12-31-2011/365 ~Nancy


12-29-2011 Fifty-Five Degrees

It didn’t break any records,
but with the blue skies, it felt like a walk in the woods.

So, that’s exactly what I did…

12-29-2011 (1)

A “Ghost Tree” in the distance…
I love the way the white bark of the Sycamore can be spotted so easily.

Leaves are not necessary for its identification.

12-29-2011 (3)

12-29-2011 (4)

The sun gave these seed-heads an ethereal new life.

12-29-2011 (2)

The long shadows cast as the day draws near an end remind me of this year,
as it draws to a close.

12-29-2011 (5)

This old fence post finally gave in to its weight and the rust in the wire.

12-29-2011 (6)

This tree stand seems to laugh at the “No Hunting” signs posted along the trail. It sits just on the other side of the fence where rules don’t apply…

12-29-2011/365 ~Nancy

12-26-2011 No More Room…

…in our tummies or in the “frig”.

12-26-2011 (1)

Boiled shrimp with the very BEST sauce.
You know the kind?
It’s the kind with the horseradish that gets you at the top of your nose?

12-26-2011 (2)

And deep-fried shrimp,
with that same sauce.

12-26-2011 (3)

And then the kitchen is cleaned and food is packed away,
until tomorrow, when we do it again…

12-26-2011/365 ~Nancy

Note** Thank you, Reneé and Brian, for hosting this family Christmas…
           You are the best.

12-25-2011 The “Good List”

It appears that all names were included on
“The List of Good Boys and Girls”.

12-25-2011 (3)

We made our rounds of the homes of our grandchildren,
and were greeted with squeals of joy and excitement at what Santa had left under the tree.

12-25-2011 (1)


12-25-2011 (2)

and non-digital were all shared, and I was allowed to join in on the “Holiday Games”.

When we finally arrived back home, the sun was low in the west,
and as I stepped inside our front door,

12-25-2011 (4)

I caught the rays of sun shining through the dining room window casting its light above Opa’s manger.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family….

12-25-2011/365 ~Nancy

12-24-2011 “Twas the Night”

…before Christmas, when all through the house
not a creature was stirring,

12-24-2011 (4)

not even a mouse.

12-24-2011 (1)

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

12-24-2011 (2)

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

 12-24-2011 (3)

while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.

Wishing you the very best of Christmas Eve Dreams…

12-24-2011/365 ~Nancy

12-23-2011 Last Minute…

12-23-2011 (1)

…shopping has always been a tradition

12-23-2011 (2)

with a stop at our local “Steak ‘n Shake” when we are finished.
Love coffee in these white cups…

(I might add that I demonstrated some amazing self-control to settle for a cup of coffee
when I had the option of choosing one of their fabulous holiday milkshakes!)

12-23-2011 (3)

Even this car parked at the mall was in the Christmas Spirit as its owner was shopping inside.

12-23-2011/365 ~Nancy

12-22-2011 Celebrating the Solstice

12-22-2011 (1)

It didn’t snow,
but we were surrounded by snowflakes and things of winter
as we decorated the Smith Family Christmas Tree.

For me, it was a full day of walking the trail through the woods,
wrapping, shopping, cleaning, delivering bread, driving to
Tuscola for Ashton’s basketball game, driving to Champaign with
Shannon to exchange their Christmas tree, which included a stop
at a new Thai restaurant for a late dinner, and finally back to
Tuscola to finish the night with decorations.


It was a perfect day with not a second wasted
and not one second less than yesterday…

12-22-2011/365 ~Nancy